5 Best Sites to Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

Do you want to watch anime online free English dubbed? If you are not a television addict, you often miss to watch your favorite anime on it. Sometimes, we really feel miserable about it. But not anymore! You won’t ever miss your favorite anime shows. I am going to give you English dub anime list of websites, using which you can watch them whenever you want. Recently, we have also shared some sites to watch series online.

Are you ready to get into the list of sites to watch English dubbed anime online? Here you go!

Best Sites to Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

Best Sites to Watch English Dubbed Anime OnlineBest Sites to Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

I hope you will bookmark this post as I am going to give you multiple websites. Once you bookmark this, you can refer whenever you want to watch your favorite dubbed anime.

#1. KissAnime

Best Sites to Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

The first one in this list is KissAnime. If you are a person using UC Mini or Opera Mini, I am sorry to tell that the site doesn’t work on such browsers. You have to download a regular browser without Mini label to enjoy animes from KissAnime.

The website is neatly designed and, you won’t notice any uncomfortable advertisements on it. Beside the logo, you will see a search field, using which you can find your favorite anime. The website has a navigation menu with links to both anime and cartoon list.

New animes can’t be found on the homepage itself. If you like to see any of them, just click on one. On the right sidebar, you can see the links to ongoing series. Just hit on any of them and choose the episode. There you go!

Even if they have a register button, you don’t have to sign up to stream the content. The video player on the website is fully functional with quality selector and playback controls.

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#2. AnimeTycoon

AnimeTycoon is the second one in our list of best sites to watch English dubbed anime online. Unlike KissAnime, the advertisements on this website may disturb you. They have pop-unders but they will not be triggered very often.

On the top of the page, you will get the navigation bar with the link to the homepage. You can find links to anime, cartoon, movie and Asian drama there. If you want to see any one of them, just a single click is enough to get you there.

You can see a series of alphabets as buttons. Clicking on A will fetch you the animes whose name starting with A and so on. So, you can use it for finding your favorite items.

Moreover, the search field given on the right side of the sidebar helps you find the exact one pretty quickly.

The main content area of the homepage is dedicated to new updates.

#3. AnimeFreak

Best Sites to Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

The name says it all. The freakish website with dubbed English animes for you!

If you want to follow new uploads, you have to grab a free account. In case you don’t want to give away your email address to them, just sit back and, choose any anime.

On the top, you will see a small navigation bar where lies the anime list. Just click on it to get the long freakish list of animes present on their server.

Unlike both the sites I shared above, this one has two sidebars. On the first one, you can see a list of animes. Once you scroll down, you will get to know that the list is lengthy.

Unfortunately, their site doesn’t have a search field. So, you can’t search for a specific one. Still, you can use the second navigation bar with links to A-Z anime list, browse by genre etc.

#4. WatchDub

Did you find this name funny? When I pronounce the name, bathtub comes into my mind. Whatever!

WatchDub is comparatively the cleanest one in this list of best sites to watch English dubbed anime online. The search field is given on the top-right corner of the page. You may not notice it.

The navigation menu brings you to cartoon list, anime list, genre search and more. On the left sidebar, you can find recent items like recent anime, recent cartoon and, recent episodes.

On the top of the main content area, you can find a genre selector. Just click on that drop-down menu to choose any one of the given genres.

Once you select one, you will get top anime from the same. All you have to do is clicking on the result and, choosing the episode. There you go! Then, you can start watching them without any stutter.

#5. DubbedAnime

Best Sites to Watch English Dubbed Anime Online

Last but not the least one in our list is DubbedAnime.

The website is neatly designed with comfortable white spaces. On the sidebar, you will get a lot of links to ongoing anime. Clicking on one fetches you to the streaming page where you can enjoy the same.

The navigation bar brings you to different lists and, you can also see a search field on the same. Plug your favorite anime name into the field and, you will get them at your fingertips.

In order to have fun, you will get a chat box on the sidebar. You need an account to draw fun from it.

On the main page area, you will get links to latest episodes. Simply pressing on the anime you like will get you to the streaming page of the same.

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Wrapping Up

So, you have finished reading my list of best sites to watch English dubbed anime online. Of course, you can find a lot more sites offering anime online. But I feel these five deserve to be at the top positions.

If you have any issues regarding this, don’t forget to comment down below. I will be more than glad to help you out.

In case you feel I have missed out any prominent website to watch English dubbed anime, you can also mention that in the comment section {no links are appreciated, though}.

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