Best Free TV Streaming Sites To Watch Series Online Free

You want to watch TV series online for free without downloading or signing up, don’t you? A few months ago, I have strived hard to watch my favorite TV series online. That’s when I realized the fact it is no piece of cake to get working websites without fake watching links. Obviously, I thought of others who face the same issue. Recently, I have also shared some torrent sites to download free stuffs. That’s why I am here with this post to help you out. Are you ready to get a list of top sites to watch TV series online? Here you go!

Best Sites to Watch TV Series

I have gone through loads of sites to come up with this final site. All the websites mentioned here are handpicked by me.

#1. MyDownloadTubeTV

The first one in this list of best sites to watch TV series is MyDownloadTubeTV. In the sea of sites having annoying advertisements, this one stands out.

The interface looks simple. On the top, you get a search field to find your favorite series without roaming around aimlessly. To the right of the same, you can see a menu to choose genres and series.

Beneath the menu, they have placed a simple yet elegant slider. It depicts different series. You can click on any of them to watch it right away.

Scrolling down to the bottom fetches you the list of popular shows, recently added series, and more. The site is available in five different languages. You can use the drop-down menu given right to the search field to switch between different linguistic versions.

Unlike most of the other sites, it doesn’t get you a list of broken links before you. Instead, you can download or stream video without any hassle.

#2. Tubitv

Tubitv is the most professional site to stream series online I have ever seen. But the professionalism comes up with some disadvantages as well. You can’t find all your favorite series here. Along with movies, Tubitv guys have only included a few series.

On the top of the site, you get a browse menu to choose different videos from multiple genres. To the right, you get a search field, sign in and register link plus, a menu triggering button of stripes.

The search field helps you find your favorite shows within no time. They only included legal video content into their database.

The slider contains popular TV series. Right now, they feature only one show there for some strange reasons, though.

You can find different titles while you scroll down. The movies and series featured there includes most rated. They have organized the content in an uncluttered way under different genres.

#3. Sidereel

Next up in this list of best sites to watch TV series online is Sidereel. Just like the previous one I shared here, Sidereel doesn’t share any pirated content.

Basically, Sidereel is a link collection platform. You can’t stream videos directly on their site. Instead, you can check the official links they give. Obviously, not always you get to watch episodes for free.

On top, you get an extensive menu displaying TV shows, calendar, genres and networks. You can use it for the quick navigation. To the right, you get a search field. It is an interactive search field that responds to your queries.

Just like every other site I have shared here, this one also contains a slider on the homepage. It presents all the top and popular shows in front of you.

You can find more such content by scrolling down to the bottom. As it doesn’t share any pirated content, you will not get to see any pop-ups or pop-unders.

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#4. tvDuck

You might have already found our favorite series from any of the three websites I shared above. tvDuck is another site that brings free series to you.

The best thing about this is it offers almost every popular TV series without any disturbing advertisements. The website looks very clean and has an elegant layout.

To the right, on top you get a log in and sign up button. Below the same, you can find out the links to TV guide, top shows, and new shows. If you are searching for any new series, you can utilize the last option.

The sidebar placed on the right side of the site helps you find your favorite show from the list of top items. You can also stream movies using tvDuck. So yeah, there’s no need to visit another site.

In my try to stream a ‘The Big Bang Theory’ episode ended in a sign up form. Means you must be a member to watch TV series online on tvDuck.

#5. Hotstar

Hotstar is the next one in this list of best sites to watch TV series on the web. The site is a property of a famous TV channel franchise, Star Network.

You can stream shows, movies, and even sports matches too. Yeah, there isn’t every show available. And, you will have to pay for some series like Game of Thrones.

The menu bar on the top helps you switch between movies, shows and sports. You can also use the search field available there as well.

The image slider seems to be the cliché as Hotstar also shows it. You can scroll down to find more and more TV shows and movies to watch right away.

If you don’t have any personal favorite that you just want to watch something entertaining, you can browse this site. You can watch some shows on the subscription basis using Hotstar as well.

#6. YouTube

I know you just wrinkled your forehead, didn’t you?

Of course, you can’t avail all the series on YT. But once you search for ‘full series episodes’ or similar terms, you will get many full episodes of different series.

YouTube has got the best-in-class user interface. Even though it is a Google product, you don’t have to sign up for an account to stream videos on it.

When it comes to age-restricted content, you must sign in to confirm your age. That’s it. But I don’t think it will create an issue in watching series online.

All you have to do is visiting and using the search field.

#7. TV Land

TV Land is yet another top streaming site to watch series on the web. I don’t claim the UI to be the best. But you can surely watch episodes of your favorite series without any issues using it.

Just below the logo, they have a navigation bar with a few links. Once you hover your mouse pointer over TV Shows and Full Episodes, you will see some popular names beneath the same. Just click on the name of the series you want to see. There it is!

Scrolling down on the site reveals even more names. In order to make your navigation easier, they have put popular series on the homepage itself.

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#8. U-verse

The homepage of U-verse is a treat for series lovers. One can get all the popular titles from there itself.

With a single click, you can start streaming your favorite videos. The layout has been simply designed. And unlike most of the other sites to watch series, U-verse lacks uncomfortable advertisements.

Of course, they put ads on the website. Nonetheless, it doesn’t disturb you in any ways.

On top of the page, you can see a small search field that makes finding your favorite series easier. Just type the name and hit Enter.

The series on the homepage are classified into different genres for easier navigation.

#9. Netflix

I hope you don’t need an introduction to Netflix. Being started as a CD delivering service, Netflix has grown to one of the popular video streaming service in the world right now.

You can’t watch even a 10 seconds clip without signing up for their service. And yeah, it is a paid service for which you have to spend a fixed monthly amount to enjoy the content.

But they offer the service freely for one month. After that, you have to keep on paying the demanded amount.

The best thing about Netflix is they have many exclusive series you are going to love.

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#10. Hulu

Hulu is similar to Netflix. You have to pay a monthly amount to access the content. They don’t charge one heck of a price. There are two different pricing plans available; limited commercials and no commercials. And, the difference is visible on the price as well.

You can get their service free for one week. Just like Netflix, Hulu also have exclusive series that will entice you up.

The interface of Hulu is simple with useful navigation menu to find your favourite show. They offer best quality for your HD television.

#11. Watch Your Series

Watch Your Series is yet another best site to watch series online. You will not get tons of pop-up and pop-under advertisements.

Beneath the logo, they have a navigation bar with links to latest episodes of popular series. And, the right portion of the same occupies a search field where you can enter the names of your favoruite series to find them without wasting much time.

On the main content area, you can see the names of too many series in the alphabetical order. All you have to do there is just clicking on one of them. Next, you have to choose a season and an episode. That’s it.

Finally, you need to select a source. There you go!

#12. Watch Series

The final item in this list of best sites to watch series online is

Unlike other spammy sites with no relevant links, has a nicely designed theme. The layout is convincing enough to trust their credibility.

Yeah, there are some instances you may feel disturbed when they trigger pop-under ads. But overall, they offer high-quality service.

Right next to the logo, you get a search field and beneath the same is a set of logos. Clicking on one of them leads you to a page where you can select the season and episode of that particular series. In case you face an issue with playback, you can select the third-party links given below.

Wrapping Up

You have got five of the best sites to watch TV series online. What do you think? Have you used any of them?

Do you have any other recommendations to be added to this list? Don’t forget to scribble down your thoughts in the comment section down below.

I hope you will share this article with your friends and followers on social media. They will thank you later for doing the same.


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