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Top Best Torrent Sites: We are back with new post on best torrenting sites which you will love. As, from torrent you can download your favorite file without any kind of issue. So, if you want to download any movie, song, Simply visit these top torrent sites and just search for file which you want to download for free. This list of best torrent download sites 2017 is filtered manually by our team so that you can get best torrent sites without any hassle. Recently, We have also shared free sports streaming sites.

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As, selecting best torrent sites is one of biggest problem for most of users. As, many torrent sites are providing malware , virus, trojans from their file database. So, if you are totally worried about using torrent site, then this post on best torrenting sites is for you.

Top 10 Best Torrent Websites 2017 | Best Torrenting Sites

We are arranging list of best torrent sites in ascending order. It means that you will get top torrent site first of all, then you can scroll below to get other best torrenting sites.

#1 KickAss Torrent (No More Available)

KickAss is undoubtedly best torrent site which you can browse currently.Using this site you can get your favourite downloads with ease. Moreover, the file which you will get after downloading it will be clean. It means that file will not contain any malware, virus, keylogger etc. For those guys, who have not heard about KickAss torrent have listened about Recently, Kat,ph torrent was penalised due to some issues, so this top torrent site has renamed its site to KickAss torrent.

New Update: New URL of Kickass Torrents is

#2 The Pirate Bay

The PirateBay is another best torrenting site which you must like very much.You can download PC softwares and games, android apps and games, mac apps and games which are totally malware free. This site is most popular torrent site ever made. This site is having millions of Page Views daily. Moreover, UI of this site is very decent as well.

#3 YIFY Torrent

Yify torrent site 2015 is another top torrent site of 2015. According to recent survey, this site was most popular after Kickass and the pirate bay. That’s why I have listed it into Yify torrent. Home page of this site is very cool and amazing. I am damn sure that you will like it, once you will use this torrent site. From this site you can download your favourite movies in HD quality which will have smallest size as well. That’s what we liked most about this torrent site.

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#4 EZTV – Top torrent forum

EZTV is another torrent site which I personally love. Actually, this is basically a forum from where you can get totally malware free files easily. This site basic purpose is to provide TV torrents online series which are available for free. On homepage of this site, you can check out list of best movies which is recently updated and uploaded.

#5 Lime Torrent

Lime Torrent is another verified torrent download site. The reason which forced us to list this site into list of best torrent websites 2015 is that its health meter. You can check health meter of any before downloading any file. It will help you to decide whether any file is malware, virus and trojan free or not. Moreover, you can upload your favourite torrent with ease.

#6 Torrent Hound

Torrent Hound is one top torrent website which receives very high traffic. This site is having traffic in millions in a single day. According to their records, they update their database daily by adding average of 5000 torrents daily to make sure that their visitor gets their required file without any problem and for free as well.


After closing of this site is back with new TLD domain extension. And I have to say this torrent site recovery process was almost instant. This site is hitting millions of page views which is very impressive for a new site. Even, this site is well organised as well. On left side of site, you can browse your favourite torrent files on basis of categories like Animes, Software, Games etc. Link to

#8 Mini Nova  – Ultimate Torrent site

Mini Nova Torrent Site is another best torrent download site. On Home Page of this site you can check out featured torrents and at bottom of site you can check out torrents of other categories like music, books etc. At header of this site, you can search for your favourite torrent file.

#9 Torrentz

Torrentz is one best torrent source from where you can get list of torrent sites which has your required file in their database. This site acts as a search engine which can show best torrent sites based on your keywords. If you are not getting your required file in above best torrent download sites list, then you must give this site a try.

#10 BTScene Torrent Site

BTScene is another cool torrent site which must check out. Home Page of this site is very well managed in different categories. You can find your favourite torrents sorted into different categories like movie torrents, game torrents, music torrents, anime torrents, ebook torrents, misc torrents etc.

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#11. ExtraTorrent

ExtraTorrent is another safe torrent site which has recently updated their domain name.So, if you are looking for a best torrent site, then your search ends now as this torrent site will satisfy all your needs. You can browse anime, pictures, books, games, software torrents from this site. This site is must try site for guy who likes to surf torrenting sites.

#12. 1337x

1337x is another top torrent site whose UI is modern and very clean. From 1337X you can download verified torrent of movies, music, games, software with ease. From sidebar, you can browse torrents of your favourite categories like Applications, Documentaries, Games, Music etc. You can also look for your favourite torrent file using search bar which is located in header of the site.

#13. Monova

Monova is one of best torrent downloading sites which you can check out to find out your favourite torrent files. On Monova, you can search for your favourite file from Search bar using hash or file name. You can also browse files by categories like Audio, Books, Games, Others etc. Moreover, you can contribute to this site also by uploading files there.

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#14. Yify – Movie Torrent downloads

Yify is another top torrent website to download movie torrent files. You can find almost every hollywood movie torrent file in their database. This torrent site is limited to movies only. You can find popular movies which are updated frequently. Final verdict is, if you are looking for torrent site to download latest movies, then Yify is best torrent site for you.

What is best torrent sites about?

As, this list of best and safe torrent sites is made by admins of Best Sites Today to help people in deciding best sites which they can surf for their daily tasks like torrenting. So, if you like to do torrenting in your free time, you must bookmark this page of top torrent sites. So, if you likes another torrent site, and you think that it should be included into best torrent websites list here, then drop a comment below.


  1. For me The Pirate bay is the best torrent site ever 😉

  2. was my fav but it is dead now. A lot of other sites have tried to replace it but nothing like it so far.
    I find the top torrent sites updates here:
    hSince users can vote on torrent sites it contains the most updated list of working sites.
    Still waiting for KAT and torrentz replacements though 🙁

  3. I like to Pirtate Bay the most 😀

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