How To See Who Viewed your Facebook Profile Recently

You must have already came across many of the Facebook applications that which can claims easily and the user of the Facebook can track who have recently visited their Facebook profile. However for your kind information note it that those sorts of applications are all scams. I personally have seen that many of my friends are using these types of creepy application for tracking the people who have visited their profile.

As we all can see that be it Boy or Girl, they got the intention to know who have just visited their profile. Sometimes the common question may arise like whether my crush have visited my profile or not or who just check the pics. It is so natural that people love to know what exactly is happening behind them. But it has been seen that the third party software are taking an advantages, as they don’t provide an accurate result.

For your kind information I would like to inform you that, those applications are specially designed for hacking and stealing you personal information, as that can cause a hazardous. We can see that millions of people are using Facebook, so it is likely to know your own safety before you use all those types of application.

It has been noticed that the high demanding feature is always being against the Facebook policies and that will always go on. If you do checkout your friends using Facebook just notice that She/he will be so curious to know who exactly have visited their profile, so this is the reason how the scams application are taking benefits from the Facebook user’s eventually.

But make sure that you do stay away from all of those scams application, as that can lead you to hassle in your private life.  Well you don’t need to be worrying all about it, all you need to do focus on the tricks that I will be sharing with you. It will certainly help you out to track down who have visited your profile recently.

Who is checking out my Facebook Profile?

It is in everyone’s mind to know who is really interested on them. It is all human nature having the tendency to know more about who love or like them mostly. But as i have already mentioned earlier that there are lots of third parties software’s who is taking the benefit of providing the fake result. However, you don’t need to be worrying all about I have recently found the best concept for knowing who have recently visited your Facebook timeline.

Who just viewed my Facebook Profile?

Well, this is simple question and it is very common. Because I do believe in it, as it always struck in my mind that have just visited or viewed my profile. Are you so curious to know? Stay tuned with me, as i will be sharing you some of the useful tricks.

Procedure 1- Using Google Chrome Extension:

So now you don’t exactly have to rely on the third party software for checking. You can simply go to the Google Chrome extension and then add it on your browser for tracking who viewed your Facebook profile. It works perfectly as it is been said. But note it that this will work only limitations and it will only work out for the Chrome users, you will be able to track those person who have installed the extension on their chrome else you won’t be able to track the person visited your profile. So, the best option is you should be letting all of your friends circle about this chrome extension and install it, as it will be easier for you too.

How to check who just views your Facebook profile:

  • You can simply download the profile visitors for the Facebook from the Google Chrome.
  • Once you get into this, you can proceed for the login to your respective Facebook account, where you will be able to view the extra visitors tab that lies to the next of the left Home on the above blue bar.
  • Now all you need to do is click on the popup, as it will open and be showing you the recent visitors on your Facebook profile along with the visited time. But note that as i have said before it only shows for the people who are using the extension on their device.

However, the visitors of the Facebook is all free and the ads for the chrome extension. This concept of Google is so cold and work amazing.

Procedure 2- Manual ways to find out who visited my Facebook profile:

Here, is some of the trick to find out the person who is visiting your Facebook profile. Make sure that you do follow the instruction as given below. Failing to do so may cause you failure.

  • First you will need to open your FB timeline and copy the URL from the
  • Then you will have to click on the browser followed by clicking on the “View page Source”.
  • After this procedure you will be redirected to a new page along with numerous HTML/CSS/Javascript codes.
  • Now you will need to hold the keys on your PC CTRL+F, where you will find the text that appears on the right corner. In the box you need to type the character “InitialChatFriendList”. Make sure that you don’t include the quotes while running this process.

  • Now after this procedure you will find lots of list of numbers, in actual those are the ID of the Facebook user who has visited your profile or the FB timeline.
  • It is all simple and easy now, you just need to go to the and paste the ID number. For example if the ID is bmg, then enter it as
  • Here, you are done the list of the person who have visited your FB timeline will be on the screen. The first ID will indicate who frequently visit your profile and the last ID will indicate that it has never visited.

However, these are the few tips and trick that you can use for tracking down the person who have just visited your Facebook profile. Note that you don’t get carried out with all of the third party software, as that will just provide you the wrong information. Stay safe and secure while using the social media site.


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