Top 10 Best Free MP3 Download Websites 2016

Are you a music lover ? Do you like mp3 songs? Do you download free mp3 songs ? Searching for Top 10 free mp3 download sites ? Don’t worry , we will help you do that.

free mp3 download sites

Music is a great way of entertainment. It eases our mind, slow and sweet music makes us calm and relaxed. It enables us to take our mind of our daily life problems for a short period of time. While travelling for a long distance a mobile phone or an mp3 player is the only thing you will need to keep yourselves occupied. Just plug in your earphone and ease your mind through your favourite songs.

I listen to music almost everyday. The only problem I faced is the price of the songs that are being released day by day. It is not practical for me to spend a lot of money to listen to mp3 songs. I am sure you faced the same problem too. The only solution for this is to download mp3 songs for free from this Top 10 free mp3 download sites. Recently, we have also shared best sites to download new movies for free

Amazing right ?  Free mp3 download sites work similar to free movie downloading sites. What they do is they let users download free mp3 songs for free from their sites, and they upload new mp3 songs as they are released. Their revenue comes from the advertisements in their sites. The users doesn’t need to pay a penny and the site owners make good income from their ads.Also check out best torrenting sites.

The problem is there are only a handful of websites that aim at giving good mp3 songs for their users, the others are just looking for ways to make money. That is why we made this post, so that YOU can download mp3 songs for free without spending too much time. So let’s see the Top 10 free sites to download mp3 songs

List of Top 10 free mp3 download sites 2016

1) mp3skull (the domain name changes frequently) is an awesome website to download mp3 songs. It probably has the largest collection of free downloadable mp3 songs and that is why it comes in top position in our List of Top 10 free mp3 download sites. It can be considered as the piratebay of mp3 songs.It has both adverts and irritating popups. The homepage has a search bar on top and a list of frequently downloaded mp3 songs . They even have a useful chrome toolbar that lets you search for mp3 files without going to their website.

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2) mp3base is a well built website for downloading mp3 and thus comes second in our list of Top 10 free mp3 download sites . The site is good looking and fast loading. They have a really huge database of mp3 songs for downloading free.  They have very little ads and no popups at all. The home page lists top songs ,top albums and top artists. The site also has a useful search bar in top. The search result lists top songs along with a download mp3 for free button, play button and an add to favourite button .

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3) soundcloud is different from all the sites listed on our list of Top 10 free mp3 download sites. This is because it serves a bigger purpose and is used by millions of people worldwide. They are more like the youtube for mp3 . Here anyone can upload their own mp3 and share it with users worldwide. You can also listen to mp3 uploaded by other people. This site is useful to find tones and background music for your presentations or videos. It is said that in December 2014, soundcloud was visited by more than 175 million unique monthly listeners, and about 12 hours worth of audio is uploaded every minute to soundcloud. They also have a useful android app.

4) beemp3s – download songs free has a cute yellow bee theme, it has a nice collection of mp3 songs and albums that can be downloaded for free. This makes it fourth in our list of Top 10 free mp3 download sites. The homepage has a search bar , A-Z links and a list of latest songs and artists. It has both ads and pop ups that may come any time. When we search for a song the results are displayed along with artists, year of release , genre, duration frequency, rating and a download link.

5) Gaana is a really popular free mp3 downloading site in india. Moreover it is a completely legal way of downloading mp3 songs for free. They have a really huge database of songs, mostly indian songs. It has mp3 files of almost all genres. They have a useful android app to listen to music on the go. If you wish to just listen to and download mp3 files for free version is enough.But the premium version of gaana , Gaana plus has a lot of extra features and no ads. Thus i will recommend their service if you have some money to spend , but trust me it is definitely worth the investment.

6) Saavn, just like Gaana is a popular mp3 downloading site that is really popular in india. They also have a big database of mp3 songs across various genres.  Their green and responsive design is useful. Their database is updated very frequently with latest songs. This is also a completely legal way for downloading mp3 songs. Their app is also useful. Like Gaana the saavn pro has extra features and no advertisements and no waiting time.

7) Hungama is the first site in india that gave people a way to download mp3 music for free. Other websites like Gaana and Saavn came after them.

Their new home page looks really nice and responsive. The have a really huge database of music in mp3 format and thus ranks 7th in our list of Top 10 sites to download mp3 songs for free. Apart from mp3 songs, the site also offers movies and albums. Their android app is quite useful.

8) MyMp3Singer scores 8th position in our list of Top 10 free mp3 download sites due to the sites ease of use and database of free downloadable mp3 songs. Their homepage lists the latest uploads and links to A-Z list of movies and artists. All the latest song releases are uploaded daily.

9) songspk comes 9th in our list of Top 10 free mp3 download sites. Their database is updated frequently with new songs and all songs are available to download for free. The site has a lot of ads and popups that ruins usability of the website. The design however is fast loading and easy to use.

10) Youtube

Yes, as bizarre as this sounds , youtube, the video sharing giant, does have a place in our list of Top 10 free mp3 download sites. This is because youtube has almost all video songs of latest songs uploaded in them. It is very easy to extract the mp3 from them through free tools. The fact that all the videos are free in youtube means that all mp3 songs are free to download. Link to YouTube


So guys, that was our list of top 10 free mp3 download sites. I hope you will like these best free mp3 download sites 2016. I made this list from research and personal experience. What are you waiting for ? Choose a website from our list of Top 10 free mp3 download sites , find your favorite mp3 song and hit that download button.

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