8 Best Sites to Watch Anime & Cartoons online for free

Are you a fan of Anime or Cartoons? If you were born in the 20th century, there is high possibility that you like Anime or Cartoons. Do you Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For Free ?  Are you Searching for Best Sites To Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For Free ? You are in the right post then. We will tell you about sites to watch cartoon online for free. Recently, We have also shared best sites to download new movies for free.

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If you are reading this page, then I am pretty sure that you are a fan of Anime or Cartoons. You can even be addicted to Anime or Cartoons. There is nothing to be ashamed of. I am one too. I watch Anime or Cartoons a lot. I have watched every kind of Anime or Cartoons there is . I started watching Anime or Cartoons For Free on my TV when i was a kid. I never stopped watching them. Cartoons or Anime are fun, informative and helps ease our mind. Cartoons were primarily hand drawn in black white, but over time they evolved a lot and today we can see 3D Cartoons Animes etc. There are a lot of world famous cartoons like Pokemon or Tom&Jerry that are still watched by kids and adults alike, globally. But one problem i faced in watching Anime or Cartoons was that, soon TV channels started broadcasting content other than Anime or Cartoons. That combined with my lack of time made it almost impossible to Anime or Cartoons Anime or Cartoons in TV. That is when i started exploring my options. After some research i came to know that there is an easy way to Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For Free that only few people know . That awesome method is To Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For Free from some great sites.

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Awesome right? Let me tell you in detail .

I am sure you are familiar with Movie Downloading sites, the websites in my list of Best Sites To Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For Free works similarly. These websites lets us to either download them or watch animes or cartoons for free . There are numerous websites that does this. But many of them are spammy with too much ads and most of the times they will not let us Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For FreeIt is a painstaking task to find the correct website. That is why we have put together this list of Best Sites To Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For Free.

Best Sites To Watch Cartoons Online For Free

1) Toonjet

Toonjet.com is according to me, The Best Site To Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For FreeThey have a huge collection of Animes and Cartoons, especially the classics. Their collection include the best classics like Tom & Jerry, Popeye , Woody the woodpecker etc . The website’s design looks old and outdated but it serves the purpose for which it was built well, that is to Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For FreeThey don’t have too many ads, and they have no popup ads . If you visit this site once, i am pretty sure you will feel nostalgic

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2) Hulu

Hulu.com when compared to toonjet is better in many aspects and should have scored the first position in our list of Best Sites To Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For FreeThe only bad thing about Hulu is that they are not accessible from anyone outside the US. This is a big disadvantage. But this problem can be easily overcame by using Proxies or VPNs . Moreover you cannot watch free Anime or Cartoons much. As the amount of free content is less and you need to pay an amount to watch more. But the reason why it is second in our list is that it has a very huge collection of Animes and Cartoons that can be watched online . So i would suggest you to go to this site only if you are willing to spend some money to watch Animes or cartoons.

3) Watch Cartoon Online

WatchCartoonOnline.com can be considered as the piratebay of cartoon or anime. I am saying this because there are just thousands of animes and cartoons in this site waiting to be watched by you. And the best part is that all the content is free and you don’t have to pay a single penny. The only downside of this site is that it has pop ups and adult adverts. Moreover you have to watch a 30 second ad before watching cartoon or anime for free.

4) Animetoon

animetoon.eu is yet another awesome website to watch cartoon or anime for freeIt has a simple and nice design. In the homepage , the latest uploads are listed one by one. In the side-bar the various cartoon series are listed along with the number of episodes uploaded. It has float ads , but no annoying pop-ups.

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5) gogoanime

gogoanime.com comes fifth in our list of Best Sites To Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For FreeIt has a huge collection of anime, and everything is free of cost. They even have an android app that enables users to watch anime and cartoons using their smartphones on the go. Their home page lists the latest episodes uploaded and additions to their  anime collections.

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6) Youtube

Youtube as we all know is the video sharing website owned by the search engine giant, Google. Being a video sharing site it definitely has unlimited episodes of anime or cartoons . Just do a search on youtube and you will surely get to watch your favourite Cartoons or anime for freeOnly problem is that the youtube team may have deleted some anime or cartoons because of copyright infringement.

7) Supercartoons

You must check out Supercartoons.net if you love the classic cartoons. They have a huge collection of the classic cartoons, like Bugs Bunny , Tom & Jerry , Road Runner, Donald Duck , Mickey Mouse etc. Moreover all these classic cartoons can be watched for free.

8) cartoonmovieshq

cartoonmovieshq.com is the all rounder in our list of Best Sites To Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For FreeThis is because they have everything related to Anime or cartoons in their website.They have a lot of episodes of all the cartoon series in the world, including the modern ones. They also have animes that are dubbed to english from other languages. Are you also a gamer? This site also has games based on cartoons and anime series. You can also get cartoon movies in this website


That’s it guys , this was our list of Best Sites To Watch Anime or Cartoons Online For Free. What are you waiting for ? Choose a good website from our list and go watch your favorite anime or cartoon for free.


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